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Rob Curtis is a project management specialist. That means he’s rather handy at managing projects. Rob himself thinks that he’s pretty good at it.

Fortunately, for Rob, he’s not alone in thinking this. It turns out there are numerous others who think that Rob is a rather excellent project manager.

Here’s what they have to say about Rob.

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Rob does

Software development, systems integration

New initiatives, speedy ramp-ups, subcontracting

Crises projects

Agile coaching, training, workshop facilitation



Below is an overview of Rob’s experience:

Scale: 6 years' experience leading cross-function, cross-site, multi-platform, first of a kind projects of up to 100 people and 12 development teams. Multiple projects have had a business value into the 10s of millions (€).

Versatility: Led projects in software development (front end and back end), cyber security, content based apps, cloud storage, endpoint security, eCommerce, portals, systems integration and infra.

Technical domains: Familiar with cloud computing, test automation, continuous integration, big data, data science, non-functional requirements, DevOps, architecture, authentication.

Rob is experienced across the full project lifecycle (conception to production) and, on multiple occasions, has been parachuted into the action with the mission to turn things around.

Rob possesses a solid grasp of different project management approaches (Agile, Lean, Waterfall), development frameworks (Scrum, Kanban) and methodologies (IPMA, PMI, Prince 2), and their associated pros and cons.

Rob works as a Consultant on contract assignments.
He is based in Espoo, Finland.
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your project to success, drop him a line.

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Value creation is Rob’s number one goal in his work. He ensures that processes, forums, frameworks and ways of working reflect this. Below are some examples of how Rob delivers value for his customers.

Rob delivers impact
Gifted in the art of getting things done, Rob possesses the audacity and experience to confront, tackle and resolve the bigger issues on the horizon.

Value: Transforming crises projects and leading them from chaos to sustainability.
How many colleagues have you witnessed transform a team, or a program, profoundly and repeatedly? That is a rare talent and is something Rob is proven in.
Rob delivers impact
Rob enjoys a challenge
From kicking off new initiatives to grappling with real issues to getting de-railed initiatives back on track — Rob likes to get his hands dirty.

Value: Removal of blockers and hindrances for development teams, leading to increased productivity.
Rob’s ability to remove team obstacles was astonishing.
Rob enjoys a challenge
Rob is a full-on pragmatist
Rob’s toolbox is loaded with an array of tools and techniques, including the know-how to know what to do when he doesn’t know what to do!

Value: Proven in driving quicker time-to-market cycles by improving the internal processes behind this measure.
He masters agile and lean methodologies together with traditional project management practices allowing him to pick the right tool for a job in a very pragmatic manner.
Rob is a full-on pragmatist


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