Rob Curtis is a project management specialist. That means he’s meant to be rather handy at managing projects.

So what's so special about Rob?
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Rob is an agile, lean native and whilst he values experience from the trenches over certifications, he does have a bunch of those (IPMA Senior Project Manager, SAFe Agilist).

Rob works as a Consultant and is based in Espoo, Finland.

Rob does

Software development programs
(first of a kind)

New initiatives, ramp-ups, crisis projects

Leading teams


Agile coaching

Training and facilitation



Below is an overview of Rob’s experience:

Scale: ~10 years' experience leading cross-functional, cross-site, first of a kind software projects of up to 100 people and 12 development teams. Project business value typically well into the 10s of millions (€).

Versatility: Led a wide variety of large-scale, product development projects across multiple sectors - Cyber, Healthtech, Marine, Energy.

FAMILIAR DOMAINS: Product management, service design, architecture, cloud computing, automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, big data, data science, DevOps, sales and marketing.

Rob is experienced across the full project lifecycle - conception to production. On multiple occasions he has been parachuted into the action to turn around problem projects.

Rob possesses a solid grasp of various project management approaches, development frameworks and methodologies and their associated pros and cons. Keywords: Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, IPMA, PMI, Prince 2.

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Rob seeks to create value for his customers in a number of ways.

Whether it's structures, processes, forums or ways of working, Rob aims to optimise all central components of the bigger picture and build a set-up that people are bought into.

Below are some specific examples of the kind of value that Rob can bring to your company.

Rob listens intently, observes carefully, tests his ideas and, once confident about them, moves with speed.

Value: Fast ramp-up with tangible results following soon afterwards.
Rob is incredibly adaptable and learns fast allowing him to deliver results, very quickly.
Rob quickly established a full working agile setup... that was a good fit for such a complex initiative.
Rob delivers impact
Large, first-of-a-kind sofware projects are typically complex in nature. Rob is comfortable working with passionate experts and is skilled in the art of consensus leadership.

Value: Pooling knowledge, exploring ideas, wrestling with issues and making good decisions, together.
First of a kind, geographically distributed, multi-platform software development projects are no walk in the park – Rob is talented and proven in leading such initiatives.
His work style is very professional and facilitative, rarely imposing a solution, but rather working together with everyone in a coaching and mentoring manner.
Rob enjoys a challenge
Accustomed leading change initiatives – 1) taking programs to the next level, and 2) tackling and resolving dysfunctionalities in crisis projects.

Value: Optimizing program set-up and ways of working and leading crisis projects towards sustainability and success.
Rob contributed significantly to transforming the program in a very positive direction.
How many colleagues have you witnessed transform a team, or a program, profoundly and repeatedly? That is a rare talent and is something Rob is proven in.
Rob works as a consultant on contract based assignments
Rob’s toolbox is loaded with an array of tools and techniques. He's certainly not one to get hung up on one way of doing things.

Value: A project / program set-up and ways of working that makes sense for your organisation.
Gifted in the art of getting things done, he is a master of co-operatively identifying issues we need to fix, selecting the right tools and methods to fix them, and carrying out the implementations
He masters agile and lean methodologies together with traditional project management practices allowing him to pick the right tool for a job in a very pragmatic manner.
Rob is a full-on pragmatist


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